”Fe sounds stellar the whole way through. Its music is passionate and beautiful.”

Tom Marks - IGN

”An incredibly honest and delicate score…”
(On Ghost Giant)

Meena Shamaly - ABC Classic

”An astounding score. Zombie Vikings has some of the best music I’ve heard from a modern game.”

Himanshu TalwarPlayStation Enthusiast

”This is unabashedly pretty music that plucks the heartstrings without resorting to mawkish sentimentality.” (On Ghost Giant)

Annual Game Music AwardsVGMO

”A soundtrack that’s both insanely catchy and perfectly complementary to the game’s other elements.” (On Stick it To The Man)

Scott Butterworth- IGN

”Ghost Giant comes alive through character
driven songwriting”

Kira GrunenbergTTDAPN

Awards & Recognition

March 6, 2020

Feb 14, 2020

Dec 30, 2019

Dec 27, 2019

Dec 10, 2019

Dec 4, 2018

June 25, 2018

Game Audio Awards

Nominated for Best Game Music

Ghost Giant

Annual Game Music Awards

Best Score – Traditional / Acoustic

Ghost Giant

Push Square: Game of the Year

Nominated: The 10 Best Playstation Soundtracks of 2019

Ghost Giant

Push Square: Game of the Year

Platinum Trophy: Best PSVR Game of 2019

Ghost Giant

IGN Nordic

Nominated for Best VR Game of 2019


Grant for Fe Soundtrack

Press A

2918s Best Videogame Soundtracks So Far

Fe Soundtrack

Articles and Interviews

The Sound of Fe – Blog post at EA.com

Crafting the voice of Fe – Interview with Splice

Podcast Interview – Dorktunes

Podcast Interview – Äntligen spelmusik (Swedish)

Soundtrack Analysis – Throw the dice and play nice


I’m Joel Bille. I’m a composer, multi-instrumentalist and sound designer from Gothenburg, Sweden. I’ve been working lots with soundtracks and sound design for video games lately. You’ll also see me on stage playing various instruments with various groups as well as producing my own and other’s music.

I’ve got a lifelong passion for melodies and I’m chronically curious about the nature of music, art and games.

Music for Games

Working with games, I love to join the project early on. The closer I work with the team, the better I get to understand the heart of the project. And I believe that is the most important thing when composing for games.

I’m always excited about new ways to approach a game soundtrack. I’ve got heaps of thoughts and ideas on implementation of game music and audio and I’m eager to be a part of that process too.